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Discipleship just means personal training in the Way of Jesus. It means spending time with a more mature believer who is willing to share life experience with you and show you how to walk with Christ Jesus. Disciplers at Church of the Open Door use a series of Bible guides to help you over the thresholds of spiritual maturity. A discipler is like a personal coach or spiritual trainer whose goal is not only that you would grow in Christ but also that you would be able to pass this life on to others.

Beginning in Grace.  What is God like and how can I have a growing friendship with Him?
Growing in Grace.  What are the resources God has given me to live successfully in His family?
Serving in Grace.  How can I grow up to be a mature servant of God?
Open Homes.  How could our family welcome Jesus to use our home as a place of healing and grace?

Contact Information:
Colin McDougall