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At the Grace Place Nursery, we are committed to providing loving and appropriate care for each child's physical, emotional and social needs based on his/her individual development level. We strive to provide a nursery where parents have a sense of confidence in leaving their children.  Nursery is provided for Sunday morning and evening activities and most church-wide programs and special events throughout the week. 
Every child entering the nursery will be assigned his/her own Scanning Tag with the child's name and bar code used for checking in and out. Once a child is scanned in by the nursery staff, the parents will receive two matching security labels. One is for the child and the other for the parent/guardian that will be checking the child out. Parents must have the matching label when picking up their child. Parents will also receive a silent pager that can notify parents with a short message. 

Contact Information:
Yvonne Bock Nursery Director
626-914-4646 ex.40