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evangelism board


Dr. Oliver K. Patterson – Chairman
Dr. James C. Jones – Vice Chairman
Rev. Ricky A. Bready Sr. – Vice Chairman Regions
Vision Statement
The Evangelism Board will create and facilitate a church and Convention climate where revival is possible—producing witnessing Christians, saved souls, empowered churches and transformed communities.
As a Christ centered body of African-Americans it is necessary that our evangelistic emphasis be Christ centered and culturally and contextually conscious. It is not sufficient to duplicate other models that don't speak to the unique challenges and needs that confront our churches and communities. Furthermore, the "one size fits all" model will not adequately empower our churches to share the good news in their ministry and community context. This VISA for Evangelism is designed with Christ as our model with sensitivity to African American churches and communities.

Jesus, the Christ, during a season of ministry depicted in Matthew 9:35-38, engages in exhortation, edification and emancipation. He modeled a ministry of evangelism as he preached, taught and healed those who were afflicted and imprisoned by disease and dysfunction. In keeping with the vision and mission of our President, Dr. William J. Shaw, this is the Vision, Implementation, Structure and Aftercare for Evangelism in our National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. It is our hope that with VISA, Evangelism will be a part of ushering in a "new day" in the National Baptist Convention.

Evangelism Board 2010 Annual Session Schedule