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Leadership Directory

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Roster of the Home Mission Board Officers Members and Staff

Rev. Gilbert Pickett, Sr. - Chair

Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith - Vice-Chair

Rev. Charles E. Mock - Executive Secretary

Ms. Florence Jean Wright - Financial Secretary

Rev. Shawn L. Buckhanan - Treasurer

Ms. Wilma Jean Byrd - Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Charlie H. Brown - Treasurer Emeritus

Dr. Charles F. Thomas, Sr. - Ecclesiastical Endorser

Dr. Samuel W. Hale, Jr . - Summer Intern Fellowship Program Coordinator

Rev. Dwight Benoit - Regional Director/Adopt-A-School Program Coordinator/Member-At-Large

Dr. Isaac R. Singleton, Sr. - Regional Director, Member-At-Large

Dr. Robert L. Webb - Regional Director,  Member-At-Large

Dr. Lee M. Bernard - Detroit Area Field Worker/Member-At-Large

Dr. Eugene Henson - Memphis Area Field Worker/Member-At-Large

Rev. Calvin C. Barlow, Jr - Middle Tennessee Area Field Worker/Member-At-Large

Mrs. Patricia A. White - Pennsylvania Area Field Worker

Mrs. Linda Washington - Pennsylvania Area Field Worker

Rev. Joseph Aiken - Member-At-Large

Leno Blue - Laymen Representative

Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock - Member-At-Large

Dr. Willie Dubose, Jr. - Member-At-Large

Dr. Marcus D. Cosby - Member-At-Large

Dr. William H. Foster, Jr - Member-At-Large

Dr. Geoffrey V. Guns - Member-At-Large

Dr. Michael E. Jackson - Member-At-Large

Dr. Wilma R. Johnson - Member-At-Large

Rev. Gilbert Pickett, Sr. - Member-At-Large

Rev. Asriel G. McLain - Member-At-large

Dr. Clarence V. Russell, Sr. - Member-At-Large

Dr. Clennon Saulsberry, Sr. - Member-At-Large

Dr. W. D. Simmons - Member-At-Large

Dr. Bentley Thomas - Member-At-Large

Mrs. Hazel L. Whitney - Member-At-Large

Mrs. Janelle Williamson - Member-At-Large