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Chaplain's Institute 2011

National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
Chaplains Professional Development Institute

Dr. Charles F. Thomas, Ecclesiastical Endorser

Dr. Floyd E. Lacey, Sr., Director
Chaplain (COL), U. S. Army Retired
Director, Chaplains Professional Development Institute

Date:  June 21 – 25, 2011
Place:  Indianapolis, Indiana

The Institute, each year, features two seminars covering contemporary topics that affect the work of chaplaincy throughout the National Baptist Convention.  In addition to the seminars, the national Endorser presents items of interests to chaplain concerning policy, practices, and trends of the National Baptist Convention and the Home Missions Board of the National Convention.  The Institute also offers the opportunity for chaplains to confer with the Endorser on personal and professional matters that are of importance to the chaplaincy ministry of the Convention.

The two seminars for 2011 will be presented by Chaplain Glynis Herns, an Army Reserve Chaplain and Rev. E. Baxter Morris, a Police Chaplain and full time Pastor.

Seminar #1

Chaplain Glynis Herns, in her seminar presentation, will visit the emerging trend of “The Nondenominational Movement of Denominational Ministry.”  The class will focus on the thinking of many of today’s young people entering the Gospel Ministry concerning denominations and doctrinal teachings.  

In many cases, young ministers (including Baptist ministers) are rejecting the denominational “distinctive” that set apart Baptists from other faith groups.  In many cases, they are retaining the name but rejecting the doctrine.  In other cases, they are “dropping” the name “Baptist” completely, while retaining professional and collegial relationships with Baptist conventions and district associations. 

The Chaplains will be asked to look at this trend and discuss its possible impact on the Baptist Church in general and, specifically, its influence on institutional chaplaincy.  Chaplain Herns will provide research materials that reflect the practice and reasoning behind this trend, thus allowing the seminar participants to better understand the young people they are asked to serve in various institutions (military, jail and prison, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

Seminar #2

Chaplain Morris, in his seminar, will present the contemporary thinking concerning Christian and professional ethics.  What is the difference between societal “right & wrong” and how do we determine the difference?  Is there a difference between social and ecclesiastical ethical behaviors?  If so, why?

Chaplain Morris will present a strong academic and practical presentation of ethical behavior and thinking, with applications for the National Baptist Minister who serves as chaplain for either denominational or non-denominational institutions.

Ethical decision-making is important in all institutional settings, i.e., hospitals, jails & prisons, military, and all public and private agencies that deal with public service.  Chaplains are often called upon to participate in critical “ethical” decisions.  This seminar is designed to sharpen the chaplains thinking on ethics in the workplace as well as ethics in professional ethical settings.

Note:  Chaplains are required to participate in these annual institute/training sessions unless prohibited by employment requirements, i.e., military deployment, institutional requirements, etc.  In such cases, the chaplain must contact the office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser to be officially excused from this annual training requirement.

For additional information concerning the Chaplains Institute, interested persons may contact Dr. Floyd E. Lacey, Sr. at or