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home mission board

Solidarity with the Savior's
Mercy and Might
In accordance with the Revised Constitution of our Convention, one of the primary objectives of National Baptists is, "to promote home and foreign mission." Therefore, the Home Mission Board has as its fundamental purpose the promotion of Christian missions in the United States and U.S. Virgin Islands.
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Disaster Relief Statement Concerning Recent Tornadoes and Storms in the U.S.

On behalf of Chairman Gilbert Pickett and other members of the Home Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention USA, Incorporated, we extend our heartfelt sympathy, prayers and emergency support to the people of Joplin and other cities in the South and Midwest recently hit by tornado outbreaks. When people are experiencing their “worst” the church is challenged to be her “best.” Please know that we will do the best we can and know to do as we walk with you and seek ways to bring the support so desperately needed. We may not share your lost but we do share your pain.

We can be reached with questions of support by contacting Home Mission Executive Secretary Charles Mock at

Addition information can be found on our website:

In solidarity with the Savior and therefore with you in His love,

Rev. Charles E. Mock, Executive Secretary

2011 Mid-Winter Board Report of the Home Mission Board