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Calendar of Events

Moderator’s Auxiliary Activities

The Moderator’s Auxiliary convenes during the major National Baptist Convention meetings. Financial representation on the District and individual level is emphasized as a means of supporting the goals of the Convention and Moderator’s Auxiliary.

January Mid-Winter Board Meeting

The January Mid-Winter Board Meeting consists of directions given by the President, Dr. William J. Shaw, as it relates to the Parent Body and other Ministries. President, Dr. Kenneth O. Lyons gives direction as it relates to the Moderator’s Plans for the March Conference and the Budget. In addition, various Lecturers and Sermons are conducted. Presenters are selected using a broad set of criteria.

March Moderators’ Conference

The March Moderators Conference allows the members to deliberate on matters pertaining to the church and district associations. This gathering of brotherhood has proven to be most effective, as Moderators participate in breakout groups to discuss topics that have been coordinated by the President, Dr. Kenneth O. Lyons and his leadership team. The findings and subsequent suggestions of the leaders have resulted in the success of many associations and churches in our nation. The breakout sessions are facilitated by some of the most outstanding leaders of our Convention. Presently, there are eight breakout sessions. The topics of the sessions are as follows:
• Stabilizing Churches Without A Pastors
• Relationships of Districts in a Social and Civic Environment
• Purpose of the District Associations
• Bridging The Gap Among Senior Pastors and Young Preachers
• Creating a New Concept (Paradigm) for the District
• The Relationship Between District, Church, State, National and
• Understanding the Operational Concept of “VISA”
• The Role of A Moderator

June Congress of Christian Education

During the June Congress, the Moderator’s Department includes two (3) Instructors, Dr. Green Davidson (AL), Dr. Cato Brooks (IN), and Dr. Clifton Rhodes (MI); and two (4) Lecturers.

September Annual Session

The September Annual Session consists of the Annual Address delivered by our very own, Dr. William J. Shaw; and the Annual Sermon delivered by the President of the Moderator’s Auxiliary, Dr. Kenneth O. Lyons. During this session, our Ministries’ wives pay tribute to the Moderator’s. In addition, the Ministries’ various Lecturers and Sermons are conducted. Presenters are selected on a broad set of criteria.