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board of directors

Board of Directors Listing

2010 Board of Directors
Dr. Julius Scruggs, AL - President Dr. Jerry Young, MS - Vice President At-Large Dr. Harry Blake, LA - Vice President—Southwest Region
Dr. Jimmy L. Brown, MO - Vice President—Mid-West Region
Dr. Claybon Lea, CA - Assistant Vice President—Western Region
The Reverend Washington Lundy, NY - Vice President—Northeast Region
The Reverend Clarence Moore, GA - Vice President—Southeast Region
Dr. John Reed, OK - Vice President—Western Region
Dr. Calvin McKinney, NJ - General Secretary
The Reverend James Blassingame, SC - First Assistant Secretary
The Reverend C. S. Gordon, LA - Second Assistant Secretary
Dr. Isaac Jackson, MS - Third Assistant Secretary
The Reverend Leon Sims, NJ - Fourth Assistant Secretary
The Reverend Otis B. Smith, AL - Recording Secretary
The Reverend Alvin Edwards, VA - Assistant Recording Secretary
The Reverend Willie Maynard, LA - Treasurer
The Reverend Marcus Davidson, FL - Assistant Treasurer
The Reverend H. L. Harvey, OH - Statistician
The Reverend Lemuel Wynn, KS - Parliamentarian
The Reverend Thomas Morris, MS - Assistant Parliamentarian
The Reverend Michael Warren, FL - Historian
Dr. Alyn E. Waller, PA - Liaison to Young Pastors
The Reverend Larry B. West, DC - Chairman of Board of Directors
Dr. Boise Kimber, CT - Secretary of Board of Directors
Dr. Clifford Jones, NC -  Chairman of Governance Committee
Dr. Donaldson Jones - Special Assistant to the President
Dr. George Waddles Sr., IL - President, Congress of Christian Education
Dr. Oliver K. Patterson – Chairman, Evangelism Board
Dr. Hugh Dell Gatewood, TX -  President, Woman’s Auxiliary
Brother Harold Simmons, KS - President, Laymen’s Auxiliary
The Reverend Kenneth Lyons, TX - President, Moderators’ Auxiliary
Sister Angelique Banks Coleman, IN - President, Music Auxiliary
Brother James McHenry, OK - President, Ushers’/Nurses’ Auxiliary