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regional youth conferences

Message from National Director Hockenhull
May 9, 2011

National Young People’s Department
Dr. Marian J. Hockenhull, Director

Blessings to all Local, District, State, and Regional Directors; all Ministers, Pastors, Officers and Delegates!

Plans are underway for exciting, informative, and inspirational programs for our five regions; Western, Mid-West, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest as we concentrate on “Solidarity with the Savior Through His Word”. Please note these changes that have been prayerfully considered for the betterment of ALL of the Regions.
  1. No T-Shirts will be sold this year. We are asking all States to feature their State T-Shirts. The Regions will not order T-Shirts for any state.
  2. There will be no ON-site Registration for any region. Persons have been asked to contact Director Hockenhull one month before your Region if you must register on site. In this case, there will be a charge of $10.00 per person, i.e. Registration for each individual will be $60.00 Any individual may contact Director Hockenhull directly by calling (810-742-2462).
  3. Whatever activity that fees are collected, MUST be noted on the Pre-registration form, i.e. Director’s March, Scholarship, Queen’s Review, Rose Petals, Breakfast, Banquets, Receptions, etc.
Early Communication is vital for the success of each region. I have communicated this to ALL-Regional Directors in January. “Let all things be done decently and in order” (1 Corinthians 14:40). From those of you that I have met in each region, you have voiced your concern about timely communication from the regions. I am confident that you will pre-register and do it in a Christianly, timely manner. God Bless All of You!

Director Marian Hockenhull

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