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Ministers & Missionaries Benefits Board Plan (MMBB)

The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. helps churches promote the financial security of their staff. When churches contribute to the National Baptist Retirement/Death Benefit Plans, both plan members and their employers receive a lifetime of value:

  • Protection against the financial peril of employee disability before retirement
  • The security of knowing that loved ones would receive substantial death benefits if the member were to die before retirement
  • And confidence from knowing that the member is building valuable assets for the future

NBCUSA also makes other benefits available:

  • PremierHealth medical and dental insurance
  • The Annuity Supplement (TAS) which accepts monthly member contributions and rollovers
  • The Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan (TDA) which gives employers a flexible way to build benefits for their employees
To learn more about the plans, go to
This entire site offers helpful information about the plans and investment options as well as valuable resources on advocacy for pastor compensation, long-term care, and other topics of interest to you.