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moderators auxiliary

The Moderator’s Department continues to empower our leaders through the continual growth of our congregations, district association and state conventions, which have been entrusted to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The success of the Moderator’s Department encompasses a variety of attributes including, but not limited to:
  • The Moderator’s Department is inclusive of the young pastors and preachers
  • Individuals are allowed to use their preaching and teaching abilities to encourage others
  • The Moderator’s Department continues to share in The National Baptist Voice Magazine by highlighting districts that continually make an impact in the church community
  • The Moderator’s Department embrace concerns encountered, after protocol has been followed with the District and State
  • Each session is electrifying, filled with spiritual and financial blessings
The membership of the Moderator’s Department includes representation from the District Association; Moderators, Pastors and Preachers, with enrollment numbers totaling in excess of 750 members across the length and breath of the convention. In addition, the Moderator’s Auxiliary is blessed to have a male chorus, “30 Voices”, under the leadership of Dr. Derrick Jones (IL) and Dr. A. Harwell (TN). The chorus consists of Moderators, Pastors and Preachers. The chorus has touched the hearts of the Convention with inspirational singing.

The reputation of the Moderator’s Department is well-know because of the teaching that enlightens, preaching that is exciting, singing that is delighting, fellowship that is inviting, networking that is out reaching, sharing that is far-reaching, praying that up reaches, and love that is showing, glowing and growing.