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music auxiliary

Original Music by Angelique Banks Coleman
Welcome to the Music Auxiliary web page!  It is our hope that you will visit it often to keep yourself abreast of the latest updates in the area of the arts for the church in the 21st century.  Visit often and watch us grow! You will find links to helpful articles, blogs, and resources to help you lift high our Master in worship.

Annual Session News
The Music Department is planning some very exciting and uplifting musical experiences for you at the Annual Session. You are cordially invited to participate and to share this information with others.  Questions?  Contact the individuals mentioned in the fliers or Ms. Latrice Staten at

Banquet Honoring
Dr. Ronald E. Terry,
President, Music Auxiliary, 1995-2010

Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 5:00 pm
Rosen Center

Banquet tickets will be on sale at the Music Auxiliary booth in the Exhibition Hall and in the Music Auxiliary meeting area on Level 4 of the Convention Center. [click image to download flier]
Sing in the Pastor's Choir

First rehearsal will be held on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. Complete rehearsal schedule will be available during registration at Convention Center. Please bring choir attire: Dark suit with white shirt and tie. [click image to download flier]

Auxiliary Choir

First rehearsal will be held on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. Complete rehearsal schedule will be available during registration at Convention Center. Please bring choir attire. Ladies: Wednesday and Thursday all black with pearls, Friday all white. Gentlemen: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Dark suits with white shirts and ties. [click image to download flier]

Song submissions must be sent and postmarked by Monday, August 15, 2011.   


You will be able to contact us with your questions and concerns, so that we can provide continued assistance to our member churches.  You can also be contributors to the website in two ways:
We want to hear from YOU!
Take the Music Auxiliary Survey!

  1. By sending us information about special worship arts events (choir concerts and/or recordings, praise dance recitals, etc.) in the life of your church, association or convention.  Also, a special calendar will be posted of all worship arts events you send us; and
  2. By sending in articles, sermons and editorials relative to the worship arts.
We also plan to begin a job placement component to help churches needing to fill staff positions, and persons seeking employment opportunities in the worship arts arena connect with each other.
At the Mid-winter Board meeting, Congress and Convention, we ask that you fill out a Worship Arts Survey to better help us serve you. [Click the image above to take the survey.]

We heartily embrace President Scruggs' theme and pledge to be in "Solidarity with the Savior" in all we do.  May God in Christ forever keep you in His powerful care.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you.


Angelique Banks Coleman
Music Auxiliary Documents

southwest region conference music course

Southwest Regional Annual Conference Music Department Course
"Church Music and Worship" - Dr. Marvin Myles/
A Call to Sing to the Glory of God - Dr. Robert Matthews
April 27-29, 2011

Many exciting,interesting and challenging activities planned to meet the spiritual and inspirational music ministry needs of each participant. 

Remember to register as a delegate with the Music Auxiliary. 

For more information, contact: 
  • Dr. James Collins - (901) 527-7738
  • Sis. Linda Robinson - (601) 469-3487 or
  • Dr. Janette Kotley (256) 428-1247