Right Where I Need To Be

Reverend Dr. Amanda H. Goodson

Have you ever felt out of place in church? Has a leader in your church asked you to perform a task or to do something that just didn’t feel right for you? How about that time you were asked to lead a song in the choir or to say that speech in front of the whole church? What about that time you were asked to recite a poem that you barely remembered? Remember that?

Some, on the other hand, would LOVE to be called on to sing a song or to recite a quote from their latest book of poetry. Some just love to be up front, teach the children’s church or be the guest speaker. But you are never asked to show your greatest strengths and talents.

God makes decisions on how you may add value to His way of doing things. He may stretch you to a position that you had no idea how to manage or handle. God may even ask you to perform a task that will require you to be steady and patient.

All the while, God is working effectively in you to grow you to will and to desire to serve Him in a more excellent way. God’s ways are beyond our human understanding. His methods are out of the world (in fact, they are divine and heavenly), so that is why we don’t understand what He is doing most times. The word of God gives us comfort in asking for us not to lean unto our own understanding, but acknowledge God in all our ways and He will direct out paths. So since God is directing and conducting….hold on!

He chose you to bear fruit for His kingdom – fruit that will remain. God knows what your ultimate future holds and what you will be doing a day from now, a year from now and even 10 years from now. His divine plan connects you step by step to reaching your destined future.

With that said, keep on moving forward no matter what the challenge may be. God may require more patience from you because that big team that you will lead in the future. You already have the skills to lead them strategically, but you don’t have the patience needed to deal with the gender differences, generational biases or the personality preferences.

Or, you may already have the humility of Moses, steadiness of Abraham and patience of Job, yet you lack some critical thinking skills needed to catapult you to being the next senior program manager, community or church leader.

Think of is this way – God knows what is best for you and your future. He knows when you are at the gate, exactly what is needed to move you, stir you and position you to move on to greener pastures.

So next time, you are asked to participate or do something out of your comfort zone, know that God is behind it all. Even if it seems as if He is slowing you down for a season, know God sends exactly what you need to get ahead in His Kingdom.

Whew, what a relief! God has already worked everything out for your successful mission while on earth. We can always ask God to reveal His divine plan and for His help in life. Accept the challenges that come your way, knowing you are right where you need to be in Jesus.


Lord, I trust You with my life. I believe You have given me every tool and resource to be successful in You. When I am asked to participate for the greater good or asked to perform a task that requires me to delicately handle your people. I trust You will teach, lead and guide me with Your divine eye. Protect me while I learn how to be Your servant. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.