Eyes to See

Dr. Amanda Goodson


We are in a culture of “I will believe it when I see it!  We also want everything right now, “PLEASE”.   Faster is better because we have things to do, people to see and lives to live. 

Patience, we have patience, sometimes!  We are willing to wait on food in a restaurant but only if it doesn’t take too long.  We are willing to wait in line at the grocery store as long as it meets our allotted schedule.  We at times are willing to be faithful through “it” as long as we can check up on the progress from time to time.

 This attitude reminds me of a once popular television show, “Let’s make a deal, an exciting, enthusiastic, game show with an interesting theme and concept.  The television host Monty, would offer deals to selected audience participants.  His guest would select gifts based on their perception of cost associated with prizes or allotments of money they might receive.   Monty would show the contestant three doors behind which was untold wealth and prizes.  Not knowing what was behind each doors added drama and excitement to the whole game.   Contestants would trade valuable, known prizes for the unknown prizes hidden behind ominous doors.   Monty would build up the drama surrounding the decision making process and before allowing the contestant to see what gifts they had won.   Taking chances like this was exciting and good for ratings! 

Can we apply this game show mentality to our daily existence, always guessing what is behind the doors of life with each step taken?   You become the contestant agonizing over which door hides your future prosperity?  You nervously pace back and forth attempting to select the door behind which love and peace are hidden from view.   Oh the turmoil of allowing audience participation and help as you select the path for your future.   Then, if you are fortunate enough to acquire “mercy and grace” (through carefully, well articulated trade ups and guesses) would you be willing to put it all on the line, (or take a chance on door number 3) to gain joy or inner peace? 

God doesn’t require that we “guess” at what is behind the doors of life. He doesn’t care what you look like or what you own, or what you wear.  He doesn’t hide the keys to eternal life from his children.

So “let’s make a deal”.  The scenario: It is your birth and your parents have to select from one of the following doors.

  • Behind door number one is dominion over the earth,
  • Behind door number two is salvation and redemption from sin. 
  • And behind door number three is eternal life. 

Which door would you really hope that your loving parents will select?  Remember at the end of the day on the original “let’s make a deal” the choice was final.  Contestants came to the show with nothing and were given the unbelievable possibility to leave with great prizes or not so great prizes (the money or the donkey).

Consider it a blessing that God doesn’t ask us to choose.   He gives all three gifts without limitations.  His gifts are given with love and there are no losers.  His gifts have greater value as they have transcended time and transformed lives.  Ask God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding and it will be given to you.   He will graciously allow you to bear godly fruit on your path to your destiny.    God has no hidden agenda.  There are no hidden doors, or manipulative guess work.  Keep your eyes, heart, mind and body focused on the gifts of God.  Take the guess work out of your life, by allowing God’s Holy Word to become the foundation of your strength and success. 


Heavenly Father

As children of God we are clothed in Your majesty and given grace through the blood of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, who died that we may have salvation and forgiveness from sin.  We know and believe that the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s plan for our lives in its predetermined season.   We lift up our prayers to you through your gift of the Holy Spirit, our helper.  It is not by chance that we are here for we know we were created with a purpose.  We know that with God all things are possible and when it is God’s plan, nothing can stop it.  As we mature, we are much more patient and have few “pet peeves” exposed on the surface.  God is so patient with us and looks forward to blessing us richly.

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To Him we give the honor and the glory.

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