Gifted for Greatness

Dr. Amanda Goodson

What blessed and amazing times we live in today! As we come to the end of an exhilarating, historical, presidential election, we are confronted with continued pressing economic trials. Our president elect has to “hit the floor running” to prepare for the ongoing and forth coming economical crisis. Our current economic condition is the subject of much debate and its outcome will influence the financial equilibrium of future generations’. Let us not forget, while acclimatizing to the current economic situation, to look to God for everything. God word prepares us for such times as these. In the days ahead, we must remember God’s promise for blessing and restoration. God promises to bless us and allow us to be a blessing through serving others. We are blessed as sons and daughters of God when we are peaceful. We are blessed to inherit the earth when we are humble. These blessings come with our restoration to our original position as ‘special treasures” to God, as Kingdom citizens, God’s ambassadors on earth. As we look God to supply our needs, we should hold on to the promises of God in spite of our current condition. We are all destined for greatness in God's economy, which is a Kingdom mandate. The Kingdom mandates (ensures) that God, our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will continue to provide an inheritance for all humanity in spite of our current circumstances. Although, our current predicament may be one of need, God promises that through the eyes of faith, all things will work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose. The mandate for God’s Kingdom gives humankind the instructions for life on earth. God's original purpose for our lives is for us to look and function like Him. He has given us biblical instructions to utilize as building foundations and guides to attain this goal. His mandate is that we multiply, be fruitful, fill and subdue the earth as we serve as His citizens with dominion or authority over His creation. In fulfilling this mandate, God gives us gifts to utilize in service to His community. God’s gift may be a special ability or talent that can be used to support the greater good of others within the community, work, church, or home. Your gift may be your faith to see beyond the present economic condition to a greater place in your life. God has a purpose for each one of us. With God, we are not defined by the space we occupy, but by the person, we are purposed to be. God’s purpose should have priority in our lives. We are purposed to give and to affect the body of Christ through experiences, skills, talents, and mentorship. During these economically distressed times we must participate in a greater mission that mandates us to add value, using of our gifts, for the greater good through our best efforts. We must question ourselves as to how we are using our God given gifts to effect change in our conditions. We are obligated to not only seek change to our current situations but to move beyond our conditions and invoke transformation (permanent change) on a global level.

The inner spirit, to give comfort and edification through a gracious anointing, guides our gifts. As we look to know God and receive revelation of His intentions for us in serving others, sober thinking (not being over estimated or feeling less than) allows us to fully minister to others in Christ. As good stewards, by the manifold grace of God, we have authority to use our gifts for the body of Christ. We should use our gift in creating a Kingdom culture right here on earth - right now! Let us move forward into our future with a positive outlook! We proceed knowing that God has predestined us to the future ahead. The basis of our foundation is our knowledge that “with God all things are possible” (Luke 1:37). Prayer: Father, we pray for greatness in you. As we look to our Lord Jesus, we thank You for our helper and comforter, Your Holy Spirit who will guide us to all truth. We will be good stewards of the gifts given to us by building, serving and leading in the body of Christ. In Your name, we pray. Amen