In Charge of Change

Dr. Amanda Goodson

Did you know that you are in charge of change? Positive change is the ability to do uncommon things in uncommon ways to achieve uncommon results. Simply put – positive change is doing something different to make things better and not looking back. What this means is that you have the authority to make a difference in your surroundings and attitude everyday.

There are different types of change. Change that you make happen, change that happens to you, change that happens within you and change that happens around you. In this article, I would like to focus on positive change that you make happen.

Change that you make happen begins with a seed called the way you think. The seed will produce fruit in the form of a tree, and the tree will produce an orchid, and an orchid will produce territory, for you to influence. It all starts with just one seed. This seed – the way you think will determine your attitude in life, direction and ability to be powerful through influence.

Change in attitude and influence will shape your destiny and the destiny of others. As you turn around and transform, change will allow you to see what you can do for others not what can be done for you. Change allows you to be powerful by influencing others.

As you change you will see how you impact others. You will seek the best for others regardless of how you are treated. You will be slow to speak and slow to get angry. You will be excited to put others at ease in a friendly way. You will be glad regardless of your environment. You will be free from oppressive thoughts and worry. You will be selfless in your desires and generous to others above what they deserve. You will be more dependable and loyal. You will be calm, strong and behave well in your actions.

I am forever changing. Just today, I decided to change the way I think about my joy. I heard a motivational speaker, Keith Harrell last week and he reminded me that no one can steal my joy. Sometimes when I have a long day, I might get frustrated over small things. When I am frustrated, I no longer have the joy that God gave me. So, when I feel myself start to get frustrated, I will stand up, shake it off and say confidently, “you can not steal my joy!” You ought to try it too. It is liberating! Do it a couple of times in front of your mirror first before you take it on the road. It will offer you a few laughs to see yourself doing this. Try it! It works.

Here are some other dimensions/attributes for a person in charge of change:

  • Change requires one to bury the past passions, appetites and desires, to walk in alignment with purposed destiny
  •  Change requires one not to be vain, conceited, competitive, challenging, irritating to others, envying or jealous
  • Change is a destination, so be patient and just arrive and become who you are purposed to be
  • Believe change is yours – believe it is liberating, not a yoke
  • Change produces energy, action, grace
  •  When you are trying to change, a little error can be misleading and distort the whole view. So if you see a little error, don’t stop – look for the truth for how to handle your situation in the word of God
  • Change will flood your eyes with light and increase understanding about how to change in another area

Another thing - the inspirational speaker, Joyce Meyer, says once you learn a new thing, you will be tested on it. So once you declare a change, look for the test, and expect to make a passing grade! Or maybe your test will be like mine, a pop quiz…..LOL!!

Prayer: Lord I am committed to change for You. I am totally dependent on Your will and way for my life. When You direct, my paths will be straight before me. When You lead, I will find green pastures. I look to You for everything. In Your name I pray.