A Call to Service

Dr. Amanda Goodson

In the Old Testament Exodus 3:1-4 Moses was called by God through a burning bush.  In Jeremiah chapter 1verses 4-8 God came to him saying; before I formed you in the womb I knew you.  Now God may not come to you by way of a burning bush and He may not call out your name, but because He is God, He has infinite ways to get your attention!  Sometimes He may be subtle and other times may be more active, and forward.  I applaud those who are willing to share their life change events so that we can learn with them.   Maybe you have gone through an event like Cassandra that may help someone else faced with a similar situation.

Cassandra worked for a local insurance company for almost 10 years and whenever someone asked her about her job she always told them how “wonderful” it was.  Well, this all changed when her old boss left and she had to report to someone new whose approach to the business was very different.

When friends asked Cassandra about her job she talked about her stressful situation.  She   felt uncomfortable with her new boss and it was affecting not only her work but also her health.  Cassandra was so upset regarding the new change she went to her pastor for counseling.  Her pastor asked her if she had prayed and talked to God about what is going on at work.  Cassandra said she had not prayed about the situation.    And she was adamant that she was not going to be run off from the job!  She was willing to wait him out, no matter how long it took!    Things at work continued to get worse until Cassandra was unable to sleep at night.  She had constant headaches and her blood pressure was high even with medication!

Cassandra still did not go to God; she called her friends.  And yes, they told Cassandra exactly what she wanted to hear because, that’s what “good advice” friends do-right?  You have friends like that-the ones with the “perfect for you” advice.  For Cassandra it was “don’t let anybody run you away from your job” and, “stand up to your boss and fight fire with fire”!   Cassandra’s health and her situation continued to deteriorate. 

One night Cassandra had this dream.  She had come home from work and her house was being painted a different color.   She asked the painter “why are you painting my house?”   He said, “The new owner requested this new color”.    “Not true, she said, I am the owner!”  Then he replied,” Not any more”.  Cassandra told her pastor about this vivid, frightful, encounter but was afraid to tell her “good advice friends”-what they would think!

Her pastor told her to pray and ask God the meaning of the dream.  This time Cassandra went to the Lord in prayer and asked for His council.  She began to attend Bible study, praying more and talking with her pastor as often as she could.  Cassandra resigned from her job and began searching for a new one.  Before she made her decision to leave her old job, she prayed and asked God where He wanted her to go.  She had made up in her mind to accept God’s invitation to service wherever He sent her.  Months later, Cassandra landed a new job where she often finds herself witnessing to her co-workers, sharing what God has done in her life and hoping her story makes a difference for someone in need.

Cassandra realizes now that God wanted to use her, not at the insurance company but someplace else.   Cassandra believes that things became uncomfortable for her at the insurance company because God was calling/inviting her to service.   Thus the meaning of her dream unfolded and was revealed to her through her new assignment.

If God gives you a specific task, accept it and do it cheerfully and with diligence.  If God has not called you to a specific mission, then seek to fulfill the mission common to all believers “To love, obey and serve God.


Dear God, Thank you for speaking to me and calling me to serve others.  I will seek your will in my life as I fulfill your call on my life.  In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen