A Song in My Heart

Dr. Amanda Goodson

I grew up in a small town. Going to church and participating in church was an important aspect of my childhood. One of my most fond memories is singing in the choir. As I reflect back on my experience, (and I can imagine you may share some of the same memories) the choir was an active part of the worship service. The musicians would begin to play in cadence the “A and B” selection. The choir director would raise her hands upward, motioning for us to stand in unison. We would stand up and then the director would give the nod indicating that it was time to start swaying or rocking from side to side. Inevitably, at least one choir member would miss the queue and would begin rocking off beat or the wrong way. The director would quickly get them in order with the beat and off we would go. We would sing, sing, sing! I remember hearing - Sister Pansy say “Sang choir! Sang yo song!”

Now that I am older, I still love to sing. In fact, most mornings I wake up with a song of praise in my heart. Even though I have not been gifted with a singing voice like Mahaliah Jackson or Mary-Mary, my joy comes not only in singing but also in listening to the words of each song of praise to God. Each song contains words directly from my spirit that convey my inner most feelings and love for God. Songs, which contain words such as "I need you”, “Praise is what I do when I want to be close to you”, “I love the Lord” or “Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I’ve ever done” reach the inner most depths of my heart as I express myself to my Creator and Lord. There are so many songs that express how blessed I am! My list goes on and on containing heartfelt, sensitive, expressive songs with words that help me tell God how much I love him, need him in my life, and adore him. Often these songs carry me through my morning and some times they even last through-out my day. I am especially excited on Sunday when I can continue to sing my praise in church and listen as the congregation and choir sings these very same songs in harmony with the move of the Holy Spirit creating an atmosphere of worship in a melodic tone.

What wonderful joy that comes from a song of praise or words of praise to an Almighty, loving God!

Think about it, what a great time to be involved in the church! Singing is only one form of worship and praise in the church service. Yes, there is more! I invite you (strongly encourage you) to attend the church of your choice to find out more about fellowship with a body believers and a relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. You may come to an increased dimension of worship and further understand the joy of singing a song of praise. There are so many ways within the church community in which to praise and honor God. It is true that there is always something special going on in church.

Praise creates a harmony with our Lord. Like a symphony, our praise through song, prayer and word connects with heaven in a way that touches the heart of God. Scripture invites us to praise God with the fruit of our lips and enter into His courts with praise. The scripture also states that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people.

Do you love to sing or hear singing? Got a song in your heart? Sing it to the Almighty God! Got a praise or prayer in your song? Then praise the Lord with it!


God I am thankful to You that I am the apple of Your eye. I love to praise Your name! Please give me Your mercy and compassion as I look to You for everything. You are the One I adore. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen