All that I Have

Dr. Amanda Goodson

Wow, can you believe it! We are into 2009 already! This year promises to be a covenant year of blessings and birthing for many wonderful things. Sometimes a blessing may be blaringly obvious, however there those that are hidden in the simple things or complex circumstances of life. We should prepare our attitudes to accept the simple gifts of life and conquer the greater challenges with zeal, organized direction, faith, and love. We should also be mindful that the simple joys of life that enhance our opportunities, exemplify our abilities, and lead us into the greater things ahead. Remember, God has a plan for our lives, a purpose that is overflowing in love. Even the most complex situations bring hope to this world as our Savior works out our maturity in Him. As we humbly walk in faith, our challenges will surface and magnify the glory and goodness of God all around us. His endless mercies are promised to all of us

I am reminded of a wonderful, heartfelt, story that highlights our opportunities to teach our children kindness and generosity through love and patience.

A mother asked her son to make up his bed before going to school. He put out his hand and said confidently to his mother “pay me”. “For what?” asked the mother, as she continued to get ready for work. The young boy said, “You know – for making my bed”. The mother said, “Ok”, how much will it cost me?” The boy excitedly stated “fifteen dollars.” The mother said, “Ok, that is a good price for making up a bed” as she reached into a zip lock bag which she took from her top dresser drawer. She pulled out three crumpled five-dollar bills and gave them to the smiling young boy. After he made up his bed, the mother went into his room to inspect his work and said, “If you pull that right corner a little more to straighten up the bed spread, I think you will have done a great job!” Then she said “By the way, that shirt and pants that you have on cost fifteen dollars which you should pay in order to wear them to school today.” The young boy swallowed, looked embarrassed and said “ok, sorry mom…I never thought about it that way, will you forgive me?” The mother said, “Yes, totally forgiven.” She looked into his dark brown eyes and said, “You should never ask mommy for payment for things that you should do, always remember all that I have is yours for free!”

We often expect payment for a job well done. We want awards, recognition, and praise from peers, parents, friends, bosses, or others. However, there are circumstances and conditions when a cheerful thank you, an acknowledging smile, a handshake, a pat on the back or a cordial hug, suffices as payment for a good deed and brings joy to the giver and recipient. Sometimes we take for granted the gifts richly given to us like peace of mind, good health, food, family and friends, the ability to see, hear, even to read.

Our Heavenly Father, the Father of lights gives us all that He owns. I encourage you to concentrate on the goodness of God and His manifold blessings, make out a list of the good things (the blessings) in your life. The list will surprise you! Review it and add to it through out the year.

How exciting and awesome are God’s manifold blessings that are bestowed upon us everyday. God promises a great inheritance to all people who walk in faith in the Word of God - eternal life. Remember, all that God has is yours. As we walk in forgiveness, expect it, look for it, and believe it.


Father, we thank You for giving us all that You have. We will not take for granted the simple things in life. We will move through our complex challenges and mountains by faith in God. Lord Jesus, we thank You for the giving us the Holy Spirit, our guarantee of the manifold gifts and destiny though You. Thank You for all the many blessings that You bestow upon us daily. We will continue to give You thanks and praise. Amen.