The Power of One

Dr. Amanda Goodson

In bible study this week we studied about Lot and his transition out of Sodom in Genesis chapter19.  He was asked in a sense to make a choice whether to be destroyed with the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah or be saved.  It is interesting to note that Lot chose life. Although he tarried for a time, perhaps looking for items to take on his journey - his favorite pair of shoes, his prized possessions, new coat and other things - without delay, at dawn, Lot was whisked out of the city to safety by two men - God’s angels.

Behind the scenes, Lot’s uncle Abraham had interceded on his behalf. How powerful is that! One man pleaded with God not to destroy the city for the sake of the righteous (please go back and read the story, to get a deeper understanding than my depiction).  Abraham was faithful and God determines to tell Abraham about His plan to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their terrible wickedness.  Because of Abraham’s faith, he was made righteous in God’s account, which gave him benefits with God and the right to intercede on behalf of the righteous.  Abraham was chosen to be the father of many great and mighty nations and all the nations of the earth were to be blessed through Abraham.  

The scripture in Galatians chapter 3, tells us that through Christ, we are chosen as Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.  Wow! We get the promises and benefits that Abraham got.  Also, because of belief in Jesus as Lord, we get all the promises of God.  That is right, ALL!  Jesus took the curse of the law, and we get the promises.  That means that Jesus took on all of the bad things about us, and gave us the good. 

Being Abraham’s seed, and through this story about Lot, we are taught that we can intercede though the Holy Spirit on behalf of others.  Know anyone in trouble?  Pray diligently for them and in God’s perfect timing, things will begin to change in their life.  Know someone in lack?  Pray diligently and see what God will do.  One might say that God already knows what I need, why should I ask Him about what He already knows?  You have a great point, but in God’s eyes, He wants us to ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking.  Try it, it really works.

You have power and your prayers have power.  Prayers are words and petitions that you speak to God on behalf of yourself and others.  Prayers are words of thanksgiving and praise for all God has done and will do in your life.  Your prayers and words can move mountains.  Imagine that, the power of one person can do all of that.  If one person can move a mountain, then a couple of people can move a nation. 

Want to see change in the community, in our city, in our nation, in the world?  Then connect in prayer with others of like mind and see how your prayer will change things around you.  Be ready because your prayers will cause powerful things to happen.  If you pray for a really big thing, you may not see the full manifestation of it in a short time, but in due season your prayers will cause change to happen, guaranteed.

So remember you have power and your words can carry life for others.  You can intercede at any time before your Heavenly Father.  You do the interceding (or asking) and God does the rest. 

The power of one carries weight in the Kingdom of God


Lord, thank You for giving me power.  I pray for my community and family to come to know you better and be more powerful in You.  Together we change the world on Your behalf.  I ask this in faith.  Amen.