Waiting on a Blessing

Dr. Amanda Goodson

George sat on the curb in front of the restaurant with his face in his hands – he was waiting on a blessing.  He couldn’t go into the restaurant, he had no money for food and his clothes were tattered and worn.  He waited on the curb patiently as if he expected something great to happen.

Amy drove into the parking lot and saw the man on the curb.  Her heart spoke to her and told her to ask him if he was hungry and to tell him that she would buy him something to eat.  Amy thought to herself,”I will surprise him!”  I will buy the food and bring it back to him.

She went drove through the drive thru and gave them her order.  Amy ordered three times the amount she needed, (her thoughts going back to on the curb and her surprise gift for him.  She was so excited that she was going to help this man.  As Amy drove back around to the front of the restaurant, the man was no longer there.  It was dark, and Amy couldn’t see the man anywhere in sight.  Immediately Amy prayed to God that she would see the man to give him the food that she had bought for him.  Just seconds after her prayer, Amy spotted George in the distance of the huge parking lot.  She drove over to him and asked the questions that she was supposed to ask him while he was sitting on the curb.  “Are you hungry?” she asked.  He said, “Yes, I am”.  He said that he had been on sitting on the curb waiting on God to provide him food.  He said that he had prayed for God to feed him, and he wondered what was happening and why God didn’t answer his prayer.  Her heart sank because she knew she had not told the man earlier that she was going to buy him food while he was sitting on the curb as her heart had led her to do.

She reached out to the man and gave him the bag with the three sandwiches and said to the man “here are three sandwiches; maybe you will have some left for tomorrow morning.”  He immediately lifted up his hands to heaven and said in a loud voice “thank you! Thank you, God!”  Then he looked in Amy’s eyes and said to her “you never stop believing in Jesus, NEVER!”  He told her that there were two additional people traveling with him and this would be enough for them for the night.  He took the bag into his hands and soon walked away into the night.

Amy sat in her car amazed at what just happened.  With tears in her eyes, she asked for forgiveness that she hadn’t heeded the voice of God earlier, yet she was thankful that the three people would be fed for the night.

During this new season, maybe you are waiting on a blessing from God.  It may seem like the blessing is a long time coming.  You may encounter difficult times while you are waiting .but keep on believing in your heart that your blessing will come.  For those who can bless someone else, don’t hesitate…do it now – someone is counting on you.  How awesome is that!  We should feed each other, help each other.  We should pray for each other and that we all will blessed.


Lord God, thank you for making me a blessing to the community.  As we celebrate this new season, I will follow the leading of my heart and obey your voice.  I will be a blessing and I will thankfully receive all of your blessings.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.