Purposed Destiny

Dr. Amanda Goodson

Eve got pregnant in her sophomore year of college. With no husband and no one to assist her, she began her search for help. She finally found a group home, one that would provide assistance with her needs until she finished school and got a job. While living in the group home, Eve met women just like her - women who had the drive and desire to complete their education and move on to a different life. Eve began to see so many young girls who needed help. A few of them hadn’t finished high school and were looking to earn their GED while other wanted to go to college but just didn’t know how.

One day I asked Eve “So, what is your purposed destiny?” She replied, “I don’t know.” “I never thought about it much.” So, I asked, what do you absolutely love to do? She answered my question by saying that she loved to help young mothers who need assistance with obtaining an education. She said that she also liked assisting youth in their middle school years. My second question was similar but required a little more thought. I asked Eve what she would be doing if she could choose any job. She said that she would probably host life skills seminars for youth in middle school and host training events that would bring people together to help young women in the community.

I had discussed these questions with others before Eve. The answers varied.

Mr. Will would say that his purposed destiny is to help young boys to learn to make it in our society. He knows how difficult it is for young men to be successful in so many aspects of life. Mr. Will is basically a quiet man, but he teaches young boys how to fish, and how to treat people more senior than they. He stresses the importance of being strong, yet kind to others. He has a way of showing values of courage, spiritual growth, dedication and perseverance. Many can attest to his simple yet bold demeanor and how he affects everyone around him.

Anna, on the other hand, would say that her purposed destiny is to serve the elderly one by one. She loves to sit at the side of elderly women and men reading a good book to them, feeding them and nurturing them as they transition in life.

So what is your purposed destiny? Your destiny rests in the plan of God. Your destiny is when your purpose aligns up with God’s timing. So one might ask, how do I know what I am destined to do? Your destiny has been poured into you from the beginning. To find it is not always simple, but it rests in your passion, your values and the things you want to fix the most.

I suggest that you submit yourself to the hand of God and start praying to the giver of life for His exact plan for you. Over time you will be amazed, God will begin to bring forth answers to your prayers – layer by layer. God doesn’t always reveal His plan for our lives in one day...it takes time - called due season. One part of His plan for us is quite clear. He wants us all to have eternal life. Another part is clear as well, God’s desire is for us to love Him.

Although there is no one way to seek the Lord except with reverence unto Him, here are some suggestions on what to do in seeking the will of our Heavenly Father:

1. Make your request known to God with humility and without shame,

2. Trust that He will hear and answer you,

3. Commit your thoughts, emotions, intellect, intentions and being to His hand,

4. Know your steps are ordered by Him,

5. Refuse to be influenced by the ungodly,

6. Rejoice and be glad in His mercy,

7. Marvel in God’s strength and authority as you wait on your response,

knowing He will unveil His person and plan to you.


Lord God, You are my Father. I know you will reveal your purposed destiny to me in your divine timing. You are my rock, refuge, and fortress of defense. You lead and guide me and pull me out of the net of the enemy. You have set my destiny in a wide place and You give me boundaries in pleasant places. I trust You for everything as You unveil your plan, step by step, open my spiritual ears to hear and my spiritual eyes to see Your plan. I believe in the name of Jesus. Amen