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Giving on-line is a fast, easy, and secure way to give to the work and ministry of First Presbyterian Billings.  We use a company called EFTPlus which manages our on-line giving account.  They have a proven track record to provide high quality and secure service for both the church and our donors. 

There are no additional costs or fees that you will be charged with your donation to the church.  We appreciate your generosity to our ministry.  If you have any donor related questions, please contact Jeanne in the church office at (406) 252-3434 or mainoffice@fpcbillings.org.  Thanks again for your generosity!

To Make a Donation
You can donate to our church through a savings or checking account, or through a credit card by following the instructions provided below.
        Donations from a Checking or Savings Account: 
        To make a one time or a reoccurring monthly donation through a savings or checking account please click on the following link: 
     "First Presbyterian Church" will appear on your bank statement.
        Donations using a Credit Card:
    To make a donation using a credit card, please complete the following information below.  "EFTPlus" will appear on your credit card statement.

I would like to give $  

Apply my gift to the:
 General Fund
 Building Fund
 Youth Ministry Fund
 First Presbyterian's Foundation
 Youth Mission Trip Fund
 Per Capita Offering

General Fund:

The General Fund covers general expenses related to the mission and ministry of our congregation.  Unless designated, all donations received by the church will go into the general fund.  Thanks for your generosity in helping us carry out the ministry of our congregation. 

First Presbyterian Church in Billings, Montana