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Wondering about God?



Welcome to the world as seen through our eyes

You can’t help but see the hand of the Creator when living in the Great Northwest.  We go outdoors to be close to God and be in his presence through nature and his handiwork. The sights and sounds are beyond our understanding, yet we feel and sense something greater than ourselves.  I’d like to encourage you to take the next step and personally come to know the author and designer of everything created around us.  His name is Jesus... he was there in the beginning of creation, came to earth in a physical and divine form, so he does understand us completely and desires to share in your life.  If your interested say this small prayer and ask Jesus to come into your life today, right now.

God, come into my heart and forgive my sins.  Send your Holy Spirit to give me a new joy and source of strength in my life.  Help me to know you more each day and walk close to your side.  Thank you for coming into my heart.  Amen

Contact us and let us know about your decision to ask Jesus into your life.  You may contact us at: