FIUCC Youth Outreach Program participants have been involved in food drives, collecting food for Food Backpacks 4 Kids Program,  serving meals at Key Peninsula Lutheran Church,  Christmas Fundraising  efforts for the Food Backpacks 4 Kids Program, caroling in the nursing homes, painting over graffiti in Tacoma and providing service to various groups within our own congregation.

This is how one of our senior high youth describes our youth program: I can tell you that the youth program as a whole has been changing quite a bit over the past couple years. I think we have a real focus on youth leadership and active participation in the church; we’re not a community that tells our kids what to believe, but lets them share what they think.  Our high school group is a small, close group of guys and girls who are trying to define who they are and who the UCC is- what a UCC member looks like. We used a combination of the Bible and various ideas from pastors, authors, and thinkers to try and progress on this walk.………

We have a Ninth grade and a Senior High Faith Formation groups.
Confirmation classes beginning for seventh and eight graders.