what we believe

In God as described in the Christian Bible.  He is perfect, holy, all-powerful, all-knowing, completely loving, always just, and infinitely merciful.  He is one Being consisting of three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He created all things and is Lord over all things.
God created all of us so that we might have a loving relationship with Him.  He gave us all His riches and blessings.  But we have all sinned – we have all rejected His love and tried to live apart from Him.  Now, instead of riches and blessings we have suffering, struggle, and death.
But God is not content to leave us this way.  He wants to restore us.  To that end, He sent His Son, Jesus, to forgive us and restore us to a loving relationship with Him.  Jesus accomplished this by dying on a cross and by rising from the dead three days later.
While Jesus has done this for us, we must accept this gift.  We must quit rejecting God and accept His offer of reconciliation.  There is no other way.  We accept this gift by acknowledging Him as Lord and receiving His salvation and forgiveness.  This begins a lifelong journey of communion with God, and of healing and transformation, in which all the ill effects of sin, suffering, and death are undone, replaced by the blessings of holiness, peace, and life.
The fulfillment of all this comes after this life is over.  When we die, if we are in communion with God through Jesus Christ, we will live eternally with Him.
God has revealed all these things to us in His Word, the Holy Bible, which, while written by the hand of men, was inspired by God and is thus pure, perfect, and trustworthy in all ways.