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Send Us Your Story

The Y is always interested in hearing from members why they join. The Y loves learning how the Y impacts people's lives. If the Y has impacted your life or someone you know and you are wanting to share your story, please click here.
The Y provides the highest quality experience for the money compared to other local alternatives like:  fast food play areas, expensive one-time classes, and other comparable establishments.  Through the Y my children have a nurturing and fun environment to grow.  In turn, through safe childcare services I get peaceful time to exercise, take a shower, have a cup of coffee and meet neighbors, and have the ability to organize and make art for the clients of my family's non-profit organization, Sacred Transformations.  Through the Y, I've been able to rekindle so many aspects of myself that were lost to the grind of the everyday of stay-at-home mommyhood.  Now, I'm motivated and energized to take care of myself, and my family.  To make healthy meals at home.  To allow time for myself to do the things that I love and are important to me.  When I take care of myself it allows me to continue giving more of myself to my family and philanthropic efforts.
~The Spruce Family