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Health Screenings

Receive your FREE screenings today
Danny Gonzalez RN from St. Mary Medical Center, has begun performing screenings at the Portage Township YMCA!
These screenings are open to the Portage Community. 

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YMCA Health Screenings provided by St. Mary Medical Center

Take advantage of the wonderful partnership developed between St. Mary Medical Center and the YMCA and all of the great opportunities for preventative wellness.  Most screenings, education and presentations are free and open to the public.  
Click here for upcoming screenings, events and seminars provided by St. Mary Medical Center March 2013-May 2013
Blood pressure, Glucose and BMI Screenings are available by appointment.
For additional information, to register or to make an appointment for these programs, please contact Danny Gonzalez, RN, St. Mary Medical Center at the Portage Township YMCA  219-764-7217 or at

Click here to read more about Danny Gonzalez, RN.