missions & outreach

Missions Ministry
Our Missions Ministry consists of those members of CCF who will organize and participate in missions both locally and internationally on a part-time or full-time basis.
Our primary mission is to organize at least two evangelistic mission trips each year within the United States and at least one evangelistic trip to another country.
Our primary goal is to reach the un-reached of various cultures with the Gospel message to fulfill the Great Commission. Our second mission is to support people's needs with contributions such as clothing, food and funds.
Outreach Ministry
This ministry oversees the various segments in the church with a mission to reach a specific people group or geographic location with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Segments of this ministry include, but are not limited to, Neighborhood Cookouts and Outreach, the Community Workshop & Training Center, Street Evangelism, the Alpha program, and our CCF Somebody Cares Center of Lowell.
Street Evangelism
Since the 80's CCF has taken the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets in various straight-forward and creative ways, both locally and abroad. 
The world needs to know that not all news is bad; there is hope for a better today and a guaranteed tomorrow!  
It is pure joy to share about God's love, salvation and provision for all people!