history & philosophy


In response to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the leaders of Community Christian Fellowship prayed continually for a Christian school that would service the Greater Lowell area.

In 1991, Community Christian Academy was founded with an initial enrollment of 30 students.

Over the years, prayer, cooperation, and total dependency on the Spirit of God, have characterized this school. Though CCA has had its share of difficulties, prayer has set this school on a steady, positive course of growth.

In 1999, a partnership began with Calvary Chapel Chelmsford. This partnership resulted in grades 9-12 moving to the Calvary Chapel campus. We believe this move was inspired by the Holy Spirit for the advancement of both campuses and proved to be beneficial. The high school flourished and gained an excellent reputation for its strength in academics and extracurricular activities.

In May 2008, the school board decided to move grades 9-12 to the main campus. This allowed for greater use of the gymnasium and auditorium facilities. Construction plans were put into place and the high school took occupancy of its new home in September 2008.

The 2010-2011 school year marked the school's 20th year in operation, and we celebrated with an anniversary banquet and formally introduced a Scholarship Fund. This year brought with it a brand new science lab, art classroom, multi-media elective class, and more.
In June 2012, a decision was made by the administration to discontinue the high school program at CCA and concentrate on strengthening the preschool, elementary, and junior high grades for the time being. There is a goal to re-open the high school one grade at a time by 2014.
Community Christian Academy adheres to a wholly Christian worldview in order to assist our students in directing their vision. CCA ascribes its foundation on the one true God and His revealed Word, the Bible, in order to help transform the students into the image of God. Wisdom, knowledge and discipline come directly from this foundation.

CCA educates the next generation in both heart and mind. As John 8:32 states, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." CCA imparts a sense of freedom within the truth behind the Christian worldview. Our directive philosophy is manifest through our administrative and teaching staff, as well as our curriculum. We maintain that each staff member professes to be a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian who will teach nothing but the Truth.

Our curriculum presents the Christian worldview primarily with the Bible, the source of all wisdom and knowledge. It is the final authority in the life of a Christian. CCA focuses on the individual learner and his/her needs.

The education provided at CCA is goal-oriented. It sets out to accomplish our purpose and mission. Anything that hinders the success of this goal will be removed. Education expresses beliefs about life; CCA produces a confidence in those beliefs.