daycare & preschool

Welcome to Community Christian Daycare (CCD) and Preschool!


daycareCCD is a safe, fun, loving, environment where children learn about God, the Bible, and early lessons in shapes, colors, and letters.
CCD is a full service daycare and learning center offering a family atmosphere, run by Christian adults who are committed to instilling family values. Our staff members are dedicated to providing quality care to each child and are all certified in CPR training.

Children at CCD also have arts and crafts and beginner lessons in physical education and music, including both indoor and outdoor activities.

We accept children in our daycare center who are 24 months or older. The daycare is open from 7:30AM to 5:30PM.

Weekly Fees: Full time (more than 20 hours):

  • $195 per child (in diapers)
  • $175 per child (without diapers) 

Weekly Fees: Part time (up to 20 hours):

  • $115 per child (in diapers)
  • $100 (without diapers)
Preschool (K-4)
preschoolIn K-4, children learn phonics, beginner penmanship, and introductory math skills. They also have arts and crafts, physical education, music, field trips, and more. Students who wish to enter K-4 must be four years-old by the start of school. Parents must complete a school application, which can be found in our Forms page under Resources.
Our K4 program is a half day program from 8:00AM-12:00PM.
Tuition is $2,500 per year (payments are $250 per month)
Before and Aftercare
Before and after school care is also available for Academy students in grades K-4 through 6 (age 12) at a fee of $3 per hour. Please contact the Director at or ext. 35 for more information about these services. 
Fees are subject to change.