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Christian Caregiving - A Way of Life

Date: Mar 6, 2013
Time: From 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm
Location: Marrell & Terry Greutman's

RCC takes very seriously the church’s responsibility in providing Christian caregiving to those within our church as well to those outside our doors. To this end, Pastor Brett urges everyone who is interested in supporting others through difficult times to take this opportunity to learn more about the new ministry program, “Stephen Ministries.” This Stephen Ministries’ homegroup  is a way to begin to train, equip and mobilize our congregation for practical Christian caregiving.

Do you sometimes wonder how to effectively talk about your faith, pray for someone or comfort a friend? This book is a practical, how-to guide that shows you how you can help others in a distinctively Christian way.

Dr. Kenneth Haugk, pastor, clinical psychologist, and founder of Stephen Ministries, blends the best of the social sciences with a distinctively Christian approach to caring and relating to provide a valuable guide for nonprofessional counselors. This book describes the theology and practice of Christian caregiving and has been a Christian bestseller since its release in 1984. Used in Stephen Minister training. 

For more information contact:
Terry Greutman