Worship & Music

   RCC Worship
Our purpose is to worship Jesus Christ, lead people into His presence, equip artists to serve the Lord, and draw seekers to Christ. At RCC we believe that God has called each of us to bring an offering of worship to him every moment of everyday.
Currently we have two bands, four praise teams, a small brass/wind/string section, a seasonal choir, and kid's choir. We regularly put on concerts and other productions to let those in the Riverview Community and beyond know of God's love.  

Updates from Pastor Brian

We were very sad to say goodbye to Pastor Brett after twelve years of serving RCC and we had a wonderful celebration party for his family on Sunday, April 28th. We are very excited to have Pastor Andy Rosas joining us as he was installed on Sunday, May 5th. This season of transition is an opportunity for all of us to draw closer to the Lord and see what He has for each of us individually and corporately as a church during this time!

Piano Worship Concert

I will be giving a Piano Worship Concert on Saturday, June 29th at 7:00 PM at RCC, featuring classical piano music (by Prokofiev, Chopin, and Liszt), worship with the RCC Worship Team, piano music from my CD, and soloists from the Worship Team. I’m a classically trained pianist and it’s been ten years since I’ve performed classical pieces so it’s about time! This will be an exciting, entertaining evening for the whole family and it will all be on a grand piano.
Admission is free but we will be taking up a freewill offering for Arrow Leadership which exists to train and develop leaders for the kingdom of God all across the globe. They are a para-church organization that depends on the financial support of its donors to continue. I’m a graduate of the “Arrow Leadership” program and we are now developing leaders at our church using the “Growing Leaders” program which is an off-shoot of the Arrow program. 
Want to join the Worship Team? Contact Pastor Brian.