Restoration Band

Restoration CD  Fred Meyer & Pastor Brian
We have recorded a CD of our own worship songs with members from the RCC Worship Team. “Restoration” is the band name and the title track is “I Look to You”.
Click here for a free copy of the title track "I Look to You". And here are samples of the other songs:
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The Heart Behind Some of the Songs
The songs on this CD reflect our spiritual journey over the last two years. One afternoon we began to write about how grateful we were for everything God has done for us. The song we wrote, “My Life’s been Changed” is our tribute to how God changed us and set us free from the power of sin. He gives us a new start every day.

The third time we met, we wanted to write a song that expressed many different ways to praise the name of the Lord. We ended up writing a song about the story of Abraham, Jesus and His challenge to lay down our lives for Him. We called it “That’s His Name”.

The title track “I Look to You” speaks of seeing ourselves through God’s eyes, by looking to Him and to His Word. As we were writing this song, we pictured gazing into someone’s eyes. Looking deep enough, you can catch a glimpse of yourself, like a reflection in the water. When we look to God, we can see ourselves as He sees us…free! Free from the lies the devil and the world would have us believe.

Our prayer is that these songs inspire you to worship the Lord and see yourself as He sees you. He loves you and wants to set you free from anything that holds you back. He is in the business of Restoration! We know, because we have been restored!

Restoration Band

Musicians: Free Lead Sheets to the Songs!