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About Us

As a church body, we strive to:
Bring glory to God by winning souls to Christ, building them up in Christ, and  sending them out to live for Christ.

Join together in brotherly love and fellowship, as a body of baptized believers, gathered together and empowered by the Holy Spirit, carrying out the principles and precepts of Christ as taught in the New Testament.

Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to make known to all people in our community and the world, regardless of social class or culture, their need to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.  We do this through community outreach, support of foreign and domestic missions, Christian education, evangelism, discipleship, and stewardship of our time and resources.

Constitute a house for the Lord and to worship Him corporately, respond to Him in obedience, and bear witness of the truth of His Word.