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Discipleship Groups

Acts 2:42-47 reminds us that the believers lived and experienced life together and Proverbs 27:17 tells us, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  We believe that relationships between students will thrive when students study and live out God's truths together. These groups aim to engage students in authentic community with other believer.  The purpose of a discipleship group is to lead students to experience Christ through truth, passion, and action.     
    Truth is spoken at these meetings through a study.  Students and leaders may study a specific book in the Bible or go through another Gospel-based curriculum.  Students will be trained on how to live Godly lives.

    Passion is developed in these groups by interacting with the material on a deeper and more personal level. Students will have time to process the information and see the need for God's truth in their individual lives, as well as apply these truths to their heart. Group members will pray together for their various needs.

    Action is the way these groups serve as the hands of Christ.  The specifics of how the group serves may vary.  Examples include making meals for families in the church, greeting at Sunday worship or taking care of someone's lawn.
Small groups meet on Wednesdays at Discovery Middle School at 6:00. 
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