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Millennials LifeGroup

9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
(For High School Seniors - age 24)
   Statistics show that if recent high school grads, who had  been attending church, continue to have a relevant, safe, small group at the church they are already connected to, and if they attend that group on a regular basis, they are 15 times more likely to still be attending church and growing in their faith by the time they are 30. 
    The Millennials LifeGroup class is specifically designed for young people who are seniors in high school through age 24.  We will be discussing relevant issues and topics through a Biblical worldview. 

This last Sunday, we discussed and wrote our own list of

"11 Things to Know by Age 25 (ish)"
Here they are:

1.  Manage and handle money well (no debt)

2.  Know your career path (know the steps needed to get you into your  

career of choice)

3.  Dating for keeps (can you see yourself marrying this person?)

4.  Know what you believe (know the basics)

5.  Find a church that believes what you believe (once you have found it, attend it)

6.  Actions reflect your beliefs (you can’t say you believe one thing and     do the other)

7.  How to get and maintain a steady job (your parents love you, but they want you out)

8.  Priorities in line (set good and healthy priorities with family, God, and friends)

9.  Seek wise counseling (a mentor is a good thing)

10. How to handle and carry yourself

11. Healthy Habits (clean up after yourself, take a shower and know by now that Taco Bell 3 times a day for a month is not a good thing)