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TIL Project

The simple mission of the TIL Project is to "Speak The Truth In Love" on a variety of critical issues that affect our State and Nation. 
Specifically, Shahram Hadian, who is a former Muslim from Iran, is speaking all over the State of Washington and across the Nation on the Threat of Shari'ah Law in America and the True Goal of Islam.
Shahram also incorporates the following topics into his presentations:
  • Protecting Our Constitution
  • Restoring Our Republic
  • Limited Government Principles
  • Civic Engagement
  • Border Security & National Security
  • Supporting Israel

The TIL Project, LLC also presents workshops and conferences on other related topics, such as:

  • "What it Takes to Restore Our Constitutional Republic"
  • "Exposing 'Chrislam': The False Notion of a Common God Between Christianity and Islam"
  • "The Need for a Courageous Generation"
If you would like more information about having Shahram come and speak to your group or at your event, please send us an email at or call 425-772-8222.