Fishers of Men



"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of Men."




The purpose of the Fishers of Men is to:

  • Unite the men of this church to work toward the upbuilding of the church and to support our Pastor
  • be a support group for the men of the church;
  • train men to be witnesses for Christ;
  • bring the men of the church together for fellowship and unity;  and
  •  train up men to take their place as active leaders in the church, the home, and the community.
How important is it to have a Men’s Ministry in your local church? The following statistics show beyond a shadow of doubt that ministering to men is essential. Win 100 children to Christ and about 3.5 of these children will be able to bring mom and dad into the local church setting with them. Win 100 women to Christ and on the average 17 out of the 100 women won to Christ will be able to get her husband and kids to come with her to the church. But look at this revealing statistic: Win 100 men to Christ and 93 of these men will be able to bring the wife and kids with him to church. It’s God’s design. The apostle Paul won the Philippian jailer to Christ and that very night his whole family was baptized and brought into the fellowship of the Philippian church. Win the man and you win his family.
Deacon Theodore Cade, President