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 A Word from the Overseer
      In the infancy of the work of the Church of God of Prophecy in Florida, passion for souls was the rule for the day.  It was this passion that compelled the precious men and women serving to go forth and endure every kind of hardship to try and in some way reach a lost and dying world.
     That passion is found still burning in the heart of many across this great state.  But now more than ever, the foundation laid by so many that have preceded us, and sacrificed so much, is in this place to mobilize and launch a harvest of souls that's unprecedented.
     Thousands of men and women in the Church of God of Prophecy in Florida, located in every part of our state are praying and seeking God for guidance and direction on how to best effect the harvest of souls in their area.
     I am excited.  What would heaven look like right now if all of a sudden hundreds and thousands of souls were immediately initiated into the Great Kingdom of God?
     Let's evoke synergism into our efforts and unite.  Let's bring our thoughts into one and embrace this concept:
"We will - as one body, united in purpose and passion, face the powers of darkness, in the fullness of the POWER of GOD and bring home the lost and dying of this world.  And our GOD WILL HELP US!!!"
 Our theme for the year 2011-2012 is:
God is Doing a New Thing

 Florida take courage - With God ALL things are possible!!!
Yours for Christ,
Robert F. Davis, Jr.
Presiding Bishop of Florida