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Self Help Projects

White Fields has developed a network of native evangelists with whom we partner to reach unreached nations (countries), villages, and peoples.  We match them with sponsors who are willing to pray for them and support them monthly. 

We live in a changing world, and have to deal with changing times and situations.  Things like: inflation, the decline of the U.S. economy and the dollar, hardship in the lives of sponsors – some who desire to sponsor cannot, sometimes they have to quit, and the Lord has called some of our sponsors home.  White Fields deals with these problems and others on a regular basis.  Although we have done well at finding sponsorship for a substantial number of evangelists, we have to decline to support others – we just don’t have enough financial partners.

There is another approach:  we could help our native evangelists and the churches they serve to become self-supporting.  Through various self-help projects, they would be free to develop income locally and “outgrow” their need for sponsorship from America.  Projects like: raising animals (ex: goats or chickens), tools to practice a trade, and micro-loans for small business.  Such projects also help people to trust God for their income and, also, to use God’s blessing to be generous with those in need and to evangelize.  Our goal is that our workers and churches will ultimately become self-supporting and then self-propagating.  Then, we can expand the kingdom of God with our “freed up” finances.

We are currently in a pilot project phase.  The investment for each project is $300.  We are setting up projects in India and Africa currently.   Would you be willing to sponsor a pilot project?