Premarital Questionnaire
Premarital Questionnaire

Derby Friends Church Pre-Marital Application
First of all, we want you to know how excited we are that you are pursuing premaritial counseling. It is such a crucial foundation for a strong marriage! Derby Friends Church's goal is not simply to perform weddings, but to help create strong marriages.
The following are the prerequites for couples who would like to conduct a wedding at Derby Friends Church:
1. One of you is a regular attendee of DFC. Priority will be given to members.
2. There is at least six months from the time you contact us until your wedding date.
3. The couple is expected to attend church at Derby Friends or The Source at least twice per month for the period leading up to the wedding.
4. In situations where the couple is living together they must be willing to separate until after the wedding is conducted.
The reason six months is required is for your benefit. If the pastor assigned to your counseling discovers any areas in which you and your financee need further work, there is plenty of time to do so apart from being consumed with wedding details. All too often, engaged couples invest more time in planning their wedding than they do in preparing for marriage. This allows you to focus completely on one another and your relationship.
If you meet the prerequisites, please complete the questions at the end of this form and submit it.
You will take the Prepare Inventory online and be notified once your results are received by your pastoral counselor. You will receive between four and six counseling sessions which are between sixty and ninety minutes each.

Contact Info
* First name
* Last Name
* E-mail address
* Home Phone
* Work Phone
* Cell Phone
* Address
* City
* State
* Zip Code
* Birthdate
* Status
Are you a member or regular attendee of DFC? Regular attendee is defined as attending 2-3X a month.
* Church Affliliation
* Are you in a small group?
* If so, who is your group leader?
* Do you currently serve anywhere in the church?
* If so, in what area do you serve?
* Is this your first marriage? If not, what marriage is this for you?
* If you have been divorced how long ago were you divorced?
* Are there any children from a previous relationship?
* What is your wedding date? If not set yet, please give an estimated date.
* Are you currently living together?
* If you are living together would you be willing to live separately until after the wedding?

If either person has been divorced, please complete the following:
DFC's policy is that you have been divorced at least TWO YEARS prior to beginning premarital counseling.
* How long did each marriage last?
* What was the reason that your prior marriage(s) ended-death or divorce?
* What steps have you taken to heal/forgive/etc. from your prior marriage (s)?
* What has led you to the decision to marry again?
* If you have children, how many do you have, and what are their ages?
* With whom do your children live?
* Where do they live?
* What are your visitation arrangements?
* Who has legal custody of the children?
* What do you believe were the major contributing factors to your divorce?
* Have you been through a divorce recovery program or counseling? If so, when did you go and what were the results of that experience?

* Indicates required entry field