First Fruits Fund
First Fruits Fund

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How to nominate a recipient for a gift:
Nominations can be made by any member of First English Lutheran Church, using the nomination form. The online form follows below and a paper copy of the form is also available from the church office.
For questions about the appropriateness of a nomination or other concerns, contact one of the Pastors, another Endowment Committee member or our Parish Administrator at 765 962 5773.
Prayerfully consider nominating beneficiaries you believe to be especially effective and in special need of help in accomplishing God's will and work in the world. Most of the time, the recipients will be organizations, however nominations for individuals facing extreme hardship or other circumstances may be considered. Most gifts will be in the $500 to $3000 range, though nominations for larger or smaller gifts will be considered. Please consider an amount appropriate and meaningful for the beneficiary, while bearing in mind that we are hoping to share gifts with many organizations.
Once you have submitted the online form you will receive an email confirmation.
The committee intends to consider nominations at least monthly and will usually be able to take recommended gift nominations to the Church Council at its next monthly meeting. Therefore you should normally be able to receive a response within a maximum of 3 months.
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* to receive a gift of $__________ from the First Fruits Fund. Specific dollar amount must be noted below.
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Here is further information (including website and/or other ways to obtain more) about the beneficiary that the Endowment Committee may find helpful in considering this nomination:
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